Jasper is located in the Rocky Mountains between Edmonton Alberta and Kamloops British Columbia in West Canada. National Park, hiking, fishing, climbing, skiing, canoeing, information.

Jasper The Rocky Mountains Jasper The Rocky Mountains 加斯伯,落基山脉


Jasper city in the Rocky Mountains

Jasper city in the Rocky MountainsJasper city in the Rocky MountainsPeople, places and events are commemorated in system of national historic sites across Canada. These designations assist in the preservation of the cultural heritage. In 1813, fur traders built a supply depot on Brule Lake east of present day Jasper National Park. This trading post, Jasper House, named for its commander Jasper Hawes, was later moved up the Athabasca River to Jasper Lake, where it operated into the 1880s.

Jasper National Park covers an area of 10878 square kms, most of which cannot be reached by road. Before you lies the largest of the Rocky Mountain national parks, part of a United Nations World Heritage site.

Pass of least resistance

Originally called Leather Pass for the commonly transported material, Yellowhead Pass west of Jasper townsite was later renamed for blonde-haired Pierre Hatsinaton, also known as "Tete Jaune" or "Yellowhead". Used as a trade route from the mid-1820s early 1850s, the path was also chosen for railwa in the early 1900s.

Jasper city in the Rocky MountainsFor millions of years, wind, water and ice have sculpted the Maligne lanscape. You can see these forces today in unfinished works of art: sharp mountain peaks, deep limestone canyons and glaciated valleys.

The Mountain Lure

Jasper city in the Rocky MountainsUntil the 19th century, aboriginal people traveled and hunted seasonally in what is now Jasper National Park. The fur trade of the early 1800s brought Europeans searching for the best routes through the Rocky mountains. Their accounts of the west soon atracted explorers and mountaineers from around the world. Eventually, one of the greatest influences upon this area took place; the completion of rail lines in 1913 carried the modern age of tourism to Jasper.


Established in 1813, Jasper House was first a North West Company, and later Hudson's Bay Company, fur trade outpost on the York Factory Express trade route to what was then called "New Caledonia" (now British Columbia), and Fort Vancouver in Columbia District on the lower Columbia River. Jasper National Park was established in 1907.

The railway siding at the location of the future townsite was established by Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in 1911 and originally named Fitzhugh after a Grand Trunk vice president (along the Grand Trunk's "alphabet" line). The Canadian Northern Railway began service to Fitzhugh in 1912. The townsite was surveyed in 1913 by H. Matheson. It was renamed Jasper after the former fur trade post. An internment camp was set up at Dominion Park in Jasper from February 1916 to August 1916. By 1931, Jasper was accessible by road from Edmonton, and in 1940 the scenic Icefields Parkway opened, connecting Lake Louise and Jasper. by Wikipedia