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Innkeepers exchange with Australia

Echanges entre aubergistes avec l'Australie旅店老板与澳大利亚交流Обмены между трактирщиками с Австралией
Exchanges between innkeepers between Australia and France

Innkeepers exchange with Australia 1As I sit on the terrace outside my room, the early sun showers me with its loyal rays—a stark contrast to the chilly, blustery conditions elsewhere. Before me stand three stately eucalyptus trees, framing a quaint English-style house and a meticulously manicured lawn.

Albert, the wandering pig, ventured this way but did not linger. The same goes for the little black dog—a fleeting visitor. Meanwhile, a curious parakeet, a woodland escapee, perches on the railing, observing me with interest, content in its newfound perch.

The Eagles and a selection of other favorites now reside on my computer, a testament to my varied musical taste. To my right, the compact coffee machine stands ready, while the inviting pool lies a mere 50 meters away. Here, time is a luxury I can afford.

Innkeepers exchange with Australia 2Australia is truly unique; its cleanliness, the orderly homes and gardens, the spacious yet well-staffed restaurants offering wholesome, tasty fare—gourmet or not. The meat is of exceptional quality, and even vegetarians will find a plethora of delightful options. Of all the places we’ve visited, Sydney stands out with its vibrant crowds, bustling activity, and undeniable charm. With a ferry pass in hand, one can explore the expansive bay all day long.

There’s an unmistakable ease to life in Australia, a palpable sense of openness and warmth among its people. They exude a natural comfort, a harmony with their surroundings. The climate is a gentle dance of temperatures, swaying between 20 and 30 degrees, accompanied by a soft breeze and skies so vast they take your breath away.

Australia is a thoughtful blend of American ambition and European heritage. While Australians may grapple with their cultural identity, their hearts gravitate towards Europe, even as their systems adopt an increasingly American flavor.

Innkeepers exchange with Australia 3Gold Seekers and Adventurers

In the vast expanse of the Northern Territory, where the red earth stretches to meet the horizon, the legacy of gold seekers and diamond hunters lingers. Katherine’s open-pit gold mines stand as monuments to their dreams, while Darwin’s skies recall the echoes of Dire Straits’ melodies, even under the relentless downpour. A journey of 350 kilometers, a Holden’s engine roaring at full throttle, challenges both man and machine with hydroplaning roads and dampened spirits—yet the adventurer’s hat remains steadfastly in place.

Amidst this rugged landscape, men with skin bronzed by the sun and dirt pause their journey to gently usher a slumbering serpent from the tarmac. As dusk falls over Katherine, a spectacle unfolds: thousands of bats take flight, transforming the sky into a moving tapestry that heralds the night for a fleeting quarter hour.

Innkeepers exchange with Australia 4But in this land of extremes, one wonders—where are the women? “One to every five men,” a carpenter, a migrant from New Zealand’s shores, shares. They serve as the backbone of the hospitality industry, their grace a contrast to the grueling labor of the mines, where temperatures soar and the air itself seems to sizzle. Night brings no respite, only the drone of air conditioners and the disorienting grip of jet lag, making rest an elusive treasure.

This was the scene in March of '87, a snapshot in time on the cusp of the “Crocodile Dundee” era.

Flying-Doctors: A Nurse’s Aspiration

Caroline’s story weaves a different thread in the tapestry of the Outback. A nurse by profession, her aspirations soar with the ‘flying-doctors,’ those angels of the bush who navigate the vastness with their nimble planes, touching down on makeshift runways to bring hope and healing. Encouraged by peers, she stands on the precipice of decision, the distance from Belgium a stark reminder of the crossroads before her.

Life’s multifaceted journey begs the question: do we live multiple lives within one? Dreams and pragmatism intertwine, challenging the notion that one cannot be both original and organized, serious yet adventurous. Caroline embodies adaptability, her actions marked by an earnest simplicity and a thirst for knowledge. Unbeknownst to her, Australia has been a crucible, honing her senses, preparing her to seize the moments life presents. Be ready.


L'Etoile Guesthouse

Old romantic Hotel, L'Etoile Guest-House is a mountain retreat in the South of France. With a beautiful park along the Allier River, L'Etoile Guesthouse is located in La Bastide-Puylaurent between Lozere, Ardeche and Cevennes. Many hiking trails like GR®7, GR®70 Stevenson trail, GR®72, GR®700 Regordane way, Cevenol, GR®470 Allier river, Margeride. Many hiking loops. The right place to relax.